YouTube Licensing

YouTube content creators and video uploaders can use our music that has formerly been purchased from major download stores (iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, Traxsource, Junodownload…) in their videos. You will receive a „Content ID – claim“ on the audio part of appropriate video and you will be unable to monetize the audio part of your video on YouTube.

A ‘Content ID – claim’ – which solely states that our company monitor and control copyright of the audio used in your video – does not affect your video or your channel in any way. It solely ensures that original copyright and intellectual property of appropriate artist will be handled fair and that artists will receive their part of the money generated through advertisements shown in the videos!

It is required that you mention the artist in each video that contains the artist’s music. Thus, please add following wording to your video description above any other links:


Artist Name:
Song Name:
Store link/s (e.g. link to song on iTunes, Beatport or Spotify):
Label Channel:
Artist Social link(s):


You expressively agree to not claim any copyright nor try to monetize the content!

Here’s a list of labels you can use music from: