Mord Fustang – Something Right Meow

Mord Fustang - Something Right Meow

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Dancing Astronaut
“Back in March, Estonian producer Mord Fustang uploaded a short track to his Soundcloud dubbed “Just Wanna Give You Something Right Meow.” 5 months later and his quick experiment has seen an official release on Plasma Pool records. Extending the original by over two minutes, Mord flexes his production muscles from the track’s onset before he develops it into a intricately woven web of bustling electronica. With touches of old deadmau5 and his own symphonic electro house, Mord Fustang’s latest is a must have for any electro fan.”

“At times, it seems that Mord Fustang can strike without notice. Rather than the heavy up strategy of pre-promotion to accelerate the hype behind every release, Mord picks his moments to strike, with new tracks that appear with little warning. Such is the case with his latest offering, “Something Right Meow”, the first original since “Taito” surfaced at the beginning of the calendar year. Earlier in March, fans were treated to unfinished versions of two tracks, “just wanna give you something right now” and “something a bit more”. It appears that the former work-in-progress has been tweaked to full release, out this week on Plasmapool.
While the smooth electro vibes and clean production remain consistent with his past releases, this one is definitely more of a mellow vibe, giving up the bounce of complextro and 8-bit synths for liquid basslines and a tech house style drum kick. The looping progressive electro bits carry a Deadmau5 style influence, but woven together with an underlying groove that has a distinct Mord Fustang signature. There still may be no word on what other experiments will surface from the Estonian producer, but for now we’re OK with his quality over quantity approach.”